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Not only will we deliver you the resource you wanted but we will also be a partner that can help promote, support and market your games-based learning app. 


A Few of Our

We have developed resources with lone teachers, schools, education charities, higher education institutes and private companies. We WANT to work with you! 



We make games that students want to play. We have over 150 game play templates including Tetris, Angry Birds, Snake, Pong, Space Invaders, and Pacman. 

Why not take advantage of our trophies, daily rewards and tamagotchis?


Characters help bring your resource to life. 

Enchanting stories can be a great way of explaining points of view or exploring subjects. 

the Features You Need

From teacher portals and tracking, to integration with MIS and assignment systems, we have already built all the features you need. 

Multi-Award Resources

Our resources have been shortlisted and won a large number of awards! 

Could YOUR idea be the next award winner?


We have apps listed on all major app stores. We use the latest technologies to make sure our resources are robust, reliable and work on all device types including mobiles, tablets and even Windows XP computers! 

We are AWS Edtech Innovators and part of the Microsoft Technology Adoption Program. 

We have developed resources in 14 different languages including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese and Chinese. 

data protection

Fully Compliant

Data protection is fundamental to what we do. We have trained and qualifed GDPR specialists within the company and we use modern technologies to ensure any data we hold is held securely. 

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