Cyber Coach Smart

The Cyber Coach Smart’s product range supports teachers to incorporate physical activity into the daily routine of their pupils. 

By providing a virtual instructor to lead pupils through dance routines with the Smart or by providing fun dance mat games with the Smart Plus, Cyber Coach’s products get everyone moving.

Cyber Coach SMart Logo

We built three different websites for Cyber Coach: 

  1. their normal website
  2. a website for teachers to log into on their interactive whiteboards
  3. a website for their staff to control access to schools (a CRM solution)
  4. a website to upload new content (a CMS solution)

Cyber Coach has been purchased by over 15% of the primary schools in the UK & Ireland.

Special features included the provision of Content delivery partners to ensure all media was as delivered across the internet as fast as can be to interactive whiteboard across the country. 

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