Our Framework

We’re able to use our existing software framework to rapidly design and deliver your resource. So rather than starting from scratch, we already have a teacher and student log in system, we already have layouts for lesson plans and schemes of work, we already have games, homework systems, …. 

Access Systems

Student, Teacher and Parent Access Systems are already and waiting to go.

School Admin

Your staff can turn schools’ access on or off using a comprehensive cloud based solution. 

Track Progress

See how the class, groups or pupils are doing. 

Artificial Intelligence

Personalised Learning Journeys can be created using our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. 


Challenge your students to competitions. We can provide full and detailed leaderboards not just on high scores, but also most improved and most effort.  


Charge schools or teachers for access, raise invoices and chase payments. 


Set homework, track progress & give feedback. 

Games-Based Resources

Engage students with fun pre-made games such as Tetris, Snake, Angry Birds, Flappy Birds, Candy Crush, Hangman…..


We can support any language including those read right-to-left.   


Take advantage of a full trophy and tamagotchi reward system. 

We want to hear YOUR idea!

If you have an idea for a resource and want a partner, please get in touch!